• Persistent or Chronic Pain

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    Chronic Pain management Launceston, Tasmania

    A team approach to combat persistent pain is essential

    If you are in pain right now, you are not alone. Many population based studies confirm, at any one time around the world, 20 percent or 1 in 5 people have pain that has persisted for longer than 3 months. If we think about Australia, based on current figures, the number of people living with persistent pain is equal to the entire population of Queensland – about 4.6 million people!! To then consider the money spent on treatments, lost work time and the impact on peoples’ quality of life and even loss of life, it can feel overwhelming.

    You may have heard other terms used to describe your pain condition such as: Chronic pain, neuralgia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome or phantom pain. In many cases when pain persists, it is difficult to identify the actual cause of the pain. Pain may continue to be produced, despite a sound healing process. Over time it is believed persistent pain becomes less related to identifiable tissue damage or a structural or anatomical problem and more related to nervous system changes which promote ongoing pain production.

    Chronic Pain management Launceston, Tasmania


    Persistent pain is complex. Often great effort has already been dedicated to seeking relief through a range of treatment approaches, procedures and medications, with poor results. It is also inevitable that some not so helpful pain coping behaviours may have developed. It is in this instance when an integrated inter-disciplinary team approach should be considered as an option, to develop your pain management skills.


    In-Balance has a team of Inter-disciplinary Allied Health Professionals who are well versed in the most up to date research in the field of Pain Biology.

    The first step you can take towards managing persistent pain is to learn about it. We have a 4 week long program which can help you achieve this with out Tame Your pain sessions.


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