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    book online from home  if you cant attend in person

    Book an online consult if you cant come in person

    Do you need to see a physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist but have found it wasn’t convenient or possible to attend an appointment at the time or location you wanted? ​


    Telehealth Online is one of the most convenient, quick & simple ways to get solutions for your injury, without having to leave your home or workplace.


    Is an online appointment right for me?
    There is growing evidence supporting the use of online sessions for Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology, indicating that these services are usually at least as effective as standard face to face sessions.


    What is Online consulting?

    Our live video consultation uses a link sent by email or text to a platform called Coviu which gives you access to a consultation with your practitioner. You can utilise this service using computer, phone/IPAD or other device.

    Why would I use an online service for a Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology consult?

    • For advice or education about a new injury or condition
    • If you are concerned about coming into our clinic due to health reasons or restrictions
    • If you are living in a remote location
    • If you don’t require hands on manual therapy treatment
    • If you just want a review appointment to make sure you are confident with you exercise program or need advice
    • If you need a progress update on your current plan
    • If you would like a progression of exercises, strength or rehab programs following surgery or injury

    What can I expect from an online consultation?

    • We will interview you to better understand your condition/injury including the mechanism of injury, your symptoms, behaviour, activities and what you want to achieve. If you are a current client we will touch base with where you are at and make sure you are managing.
    • Whilst we wont be able to touch you, we can glean much information about your problem with a physical examination where you can demonstrate movement, positions, activities, strength and other tests.
    • We will provide a working diagnosis, provide education about the diagnosis and advice on how to manage any injury. If the therapist is concerned about anything they can refer you on for further medical opinion or x-ray or other imaging if required.
    • The therapist can give you access to their computer screen so they can demonstrate and explain exercises via our physitrack/physiapp platform or demonstrate exercises live and watch you perform exercises and coach good form.
    • The therapist can also share pictures or videos to educate on anatomy or show you how to access other useful information regarding your injury or problem.
    • At the end of the session the therapist will send you a management plan to summarise the session and any exercises prescribed within the session can be accessed on the Physitrack App.
    book online from home  if you cant attend in person
    What Injuries can be treated with an online consult?
    We have successfully treated people with conditions such as
    • Knee pain – arthritis, tendon pain, bursitis and post surgical rehab
    • Shoulder pain – bursitis, rotator cuff tears, impingement and post surgical rehab
    • Lower back pain – disc bulges, muscle spasm and sciatic nerve issues
    • Neck pain – disc herniation, cervical spondylosis, cervical pain, whiplash associated disorder
    • Ankle pain - ankle injuries, post fracture or surgical rehab, achilles tendinopathies, plantar fasciitis
    • Elbow pain - tennis elbow, golfers elbow, nerve injuries, post fracture rehab
    • Hip pain – hip bursitis (trochanteric bursitis), hip flexor pain and hip arthritis
    • Chronic pain
    • Muscle weakness

    This means that the current COVID-19 pandemic or other illnesses do not hinder you from safely accessing high quality care from the team at In-Balance.


    There are times when online therapy may not be suitable, in this instance your therapist will discuss this with you directly and make the most appropriate recommendation.

      book online from home  if you cant attend in person
      Payments and Rebates

      If you are a Private client payment is required before your online therapy session. A member of the administration team will call you to make payment over the phone. An invoice will then be emailed to you.


      Most Private Health funds are offering rebates for online therapy appointments form 14/4/20, as per a normal face to face consult with some restrictions. You will need to check with your individual fund.


      Medicare clients are fully rebatable. If you are eligible for an EPC plan, you will be able to access 5 bulk billed Physio Online consultations, therefore you will not be out of pocket. You will need to ask your GP if you qualify and ask your GP provide you with an EPC plan.


      NDIS clients have no restrictions on using online therapy services with their funding.

      Rescheduling policy
      If you are unable to make it to your appointment on the scheduled day or at the allocated time, we ask that you provide 24 hours notice so that we can arrange to serve the health of others. If you are unable to do this, you will be asked to pay the late notice fee (and we don't want to do that to you!). If you are unable to attend your appointment, please CALL US on (03) 6334 4766 to reschedule.


      Cancellation of online therapy services is covered by In-Balance’s Late notice Fee Policy.

      If you do not ‘join the call’ at the time of your appointment, your clinician will attempt to contact you to make sure everything is okay. If they are unable to get in contact, Late notice fees will apply.

      Confidentiality, Privacy and Consent

      Coviu satisfies the stringent security and privacy requirements of online healthcare businesses. As with all our sessions, any information provided within the session will be kept in strict confidence and comply with State and Federal privacy policies.


      Online consults Pricing

      • Online tele-health consult Physio Initial (60min) - $
      • Online tele-health consult Physio Standard (30min) - $99
      • Exercise Program Review & update (without video call) $
      • Online tele-health consult Physio NDIS (please contact)
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