• BOP Classes

    Here's how we can bring balance back to your life

    Balance and osteoporosis classes

    BOP Classes- for people with Balance issues and Osteoporosis

    Wish you could get that spring back in your step?
    Lost confidence walking over different terrain?
    Feeling unsure about your balance or scared of falling ?


    Our Balance and Osteoporosis Class (BOP) is designed to help those who are struggling with falls, poor balance, low confidence, increasing needs for assistance, or known low bone density. Basically, anyone who is finding that life is getting a little more difficult as they age, and needs some help getting back to where they’d like to be.


    • Preventing falls, deconditioning and age-related decline is so important to overall health. 
    • Falls are the leading cause of serious injury to people aged 65 and over
    • Broken bones from falls or poor bone density often result in surgery, loss of function and loss of independence
    • Most things we think of as a 'normal' part of ageing are actually reversible
    • Prevention is always better than a cure-the sooner you start taking care of your body, the sooner you'll notice positive changes
    • Regular exercise is important for everyone , all ages, levels of fitness and health status
    • BOP is a great way to meet new people and get social!


    Balance and osteoporosis classes


    Things to know about BOP

    BOP runs through the school terms, and takes a break during school holidays. Class runs once a week for 10 weeks and we recommend you come every week where possible to see the best results.


    We request that you arrange a full assessment with a therapist prior to signing up for BOP. This is so that we can see if BOP is suitable for you, and also to address many of the other factors that can be part of your story to help you achieve your best health.

    In order to know that our class is having a positive impact for you, we will also do some physical tests and a questionnaire before you start and upon completion of the class. For full details, please speak to your treating therapist in your first assessment.

    To assist with this, we request that you arrive at least 10 minutes early for your first class to complete your questionnaire.

    What to wear

    Enclosed, supportive shoes
    Clothes that are non-restrictive and allow you to exercise comfortably
    What to bring
    A drink bottle
    Any medications you might need, such as an asthma puffer
    Your enthusiasm!


    Need to know more?
    phone 63344766 or email admin@inbalancephysio.com.au



    Initial Physio consult (new client) $174

    Initial Physio Consult (current client) $107

    Classes (each class before rebate) $53

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