Am I ready to start Pilates Classes?

by Amy DePaoli

  • Have you been thinking of trying out a Pilates class?
  • Have you been deterred by the photos or videos of young superfit, flexible celebrities you have seen on social media?
  • Do you think your current level of fitness “isn’t enough” or that you don’t have enough “core strength" or flexibility?

In my experience there are many reasons why people don’t give Pilates classes a try. It can be scary, going into a totally different environment to one you have ever encountered, surrounded by new faces, new equipment, new language. Pilates opens your mind to many new experiences and may be daunting at first glance.

I know from my own experience how challenging it was attending my very first pilates reformer class at another venue. Unlike at In-Balance, (where our new clients are given a one-to-one introductory session), I was placed straight into a class having had no previous experience and no regard for any injuries or issues I had. Having to learn the exercises, how the reformer works, where my body was and trying to keep up with everyone was very difficult!

So what is Pilates actually about?
Pilates is more than just about flexibility. Pilates is about control, coordination, breath, stability, mindfulness and body awareness

  • You are taken through a series of exercises with modifications, regressions, progressions for each exercise
  • Each exercise can be taught different ways that will change where and how you feel it
  • Technique is an important component of the class and requires your (& your instructors!) attention to detail
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At In-Balance we will not throw you in the deep end! We take the time to give you 1:1 assessment and familiarise you with the Pilates equipment, safety aspects and some fundamental exercises. An introductory assessment will begin with:

  • Simple mat exercises to make sure you feel comfortable and you will start to learn the Pilates lingo.
  • Gentle exercises on the reformer to familiarise yourself with all the different moving parts of the equipment and your body
  • We give you time and confidence to get used to the exercises and our equipment before placing you in a class
pilates reformer swan

What to expect from your Pilates class?

Not only will pilates get you moving and feeling better, you can also expect:

  1. You will be provided with hands on support from your instructor to get you moving with the best technique for each exercise 
  2. You will need to come self-motivated and work hard to learn new exercises, muscle activation and body movement
  3. You will need to continually check in with your body - being focussed and thinking about how it is feeling and moving through each exercise
  4. You will expect to improve your body awareness and knowledge of human anatomy 
  5. You will develop strong relationships with your pilates equipment, building trust and friendship with equipment such as reformer, trapeze, wunda chair, foam roller and magic circle

Myths about Pilates

  • I have to be flexible to do Pilates - NO! Flexibility is only one component of pilates, it’s like saying I have to be able to breathe to do Pilates - everyone can breathe! Everyone has some flexibility!
  • I’m not fit enough for Pilates - NO! Any fitness level can join pilates, if needed, we will modify the class to suit your needs 
  • Only girls do Pilates - NO! In my experience, at In-Balance classes have often equal male and female participants 

Other great things about doing Pilates at In-Balance include our awesome online booking service with Wellness Living- which also has a convenient App you can download for your phone. This comes in very handy when travelling nationally and internationally allowing you to locate Pilates, Yoga and other forms of Exercise and Wellness in a radius close to you and keep up a regular practice when away from home.

If you wish to find out more about introductory packages or anything Pilates related, we would love to hear from you. Give us a call on 63344766.