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    In-Balance Physiotherapy and Pilates is located in Launceston, Tasmania. We provide a uniquely tailored healthcare experience with an exceptional team offering Physiotherapy services, lymphoedema treatments, pilates classes, hydrotherapy, massage therapies and more. This holistic approach to health and wellbeing means you’re in good hands - we treat the person, not just the complaint.


    Since 2006, In-Balance Physiotherapy and Pilates has provided innovative, safe and effective treatment and services to a broad clientele from across Launceston and northern Tasmania. Our highly experienced team of Physiotherapists are committed to optimising your function, mobility and quality of life. 


    We believe there’s no one more effective at maintaining your health than you. That’s why we encourage you to take an active role in your own recovery and offer strategies for ongoing health maintenance and prevention of injury. Our multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals can assist you to achieve sensible goals through intelligent treatment, attention to detail and positive reinforcement. We are also uniquely able to offer treatment using a medical grade laser for lymphoedema, soft tissue and other injuries. You can rest assured we provide you with every option and opportunity to reach your health goals.




    physio and hydro therapies at inbalance physio and pilates, launceston tasmania




    Physiotherapy helps injury repair by optimising the healing process, reducing pain/stiffness and improving function and mobility. Using a combination of specific hands-on techniques, massage, exercises and useful (easy to understand) info, your preferred physio can help your body achieve its prime healing potential.



  • Pilates and yoga for everyone at inbalance physiotherapy and pilates, Launceston, tasmania




    Keen to improve your posture and efficiency on a 10km run or even a dash down the supermarket aisle? 
    PILATES body conditioning teaches controlled movement, breathing awareness and correct body alignment during varied, low-impact but functional exercises. PILATES at In-Balance is also an effective way to recover from injuries, pain or during and after pregnancy. PILATES in a safe environment with skilled, qualified instructors can help you achieve better control of the way you move.



  • Lymphoedema treatment Launceston Tasmania




    Unfortunately the rates of cancer and Lymphoedema are on the rise in Tasmania.  Lymphoedema is tissue swelling often following breast cancer or other surgery involving lymph node removal. Evidence suggests that early diagnosis of Lymphoedema, before it becomes clinically obvious, may reduce the risk by half of it developing. Early detection may then only require minimal intervention in the longer term.


    In-Balance is able to offer the latest tool in Lymphoedema diagnosis technology- the L-Dex Bio-impedence.

    If treatment is required, we are also able to provide laser therapy (gold standard treatment for Lymphoedema) to help treat swelling associated with Lymphoedema. 




    Lymphoedema and Scanning Laser in Launceston, Tasmania at InBalance Physio




    The use of laser is well established in the management of soft tissue injuries, painful backs and necks, wounds and the treatment of lymphoedema. Use of a medical grade laser assists treatment of lymphoedema of the chest, breast, armpit, arm and lower limbs. 


    Laser is also extremely beneficial when treating cording, also known as “axilliary web syndrome” which commonly occurs following breast cancer surgery. Other uses of laser includes treatment of diabetic ulcers and slow or poor wound healing.



  • Massage THERAPY at InBalance Physio and Pilates Launceston.Tasmania




    Massage will complement any physiotherapy treatment or Pilates exercise program. Relief of stress and muscular tension can help consolidate improvements in posture and strength and contribute to overall wellbeing. And of course it is also wonderful as a pampering treat!


    Our four fully qualified massage therapists are available for appointments on most days. Click below to find a treatment that suits you.


    Rebates are available with some private health funds using our HICAPS facilities. Gift Vouchers are available for purchase at reception.



  • Hydrotheraphy by InBalance Physio and Pilates Launceston, Tasmania




    Warm baths and hot springs have been seen as medical miracles through the ages. Mineral baths were used to cure all manner of afflictions and most people feel the benefit of warm water. Hydrotherapy is particularly helpful in the winter months when arthritis can flare up resulting in increased joint stiffness. There is much evidence that performing exercise in warm water can be beneficial in assisting healing from injury or surgery.



  • Physio and pilates products at InBalance Physio and Pilates Launceston, tasmania


    For your convenience In-Balance stocks a range of Pilates and physiotherapy products from Rollers, theraband, fitballs, orthotics, Pilates kits to Kinesio tape, strapping tape and much more. Available from reception...just ask Anne, Sharon, or Fletch. 


    Launceston's most comprehensive healthcare and wellness professionals all in one location. Talented Physios, Polestar-educated Pilates instructors, and a variety of massage therapies - some of the best hands in the business.

    Natalie Whish-Wilson founding physiotherapist at InBalance Physio Launceston

    Natalie Whish-Wilson


    Natalie's passion for encouraging life balance and wellbeing throughout the rehabilitation journey led her to establish In-Balance Physiotherapy and Pilates. She believes that whole body health is more than just a sum of its parts and uses a biopsychosocial approach to empower her clients. Throughout her career Natalie has gained a wealth of experience in the assessment and treatment of complex lumbo-sacral, pelvic and cervico-thoracic presentations, scoliosis and dry needling- being strongly influenced by the work of Canadian Physiotherapist LJ Lee. Natalie has been implementing Pilates and core control training in the treatment of spinal pathology/pain, sports injuries and dance since 2002. She has attained Rehabilitation Pilates Accreditation, is a mentor with Polestar International, and has completed the Dance Medicine Australia (DMA) Clinical Pilates course. Between work commitments, a busy family life and family vineyard business she enjoys travel, bushwalking and sharing good wine and food with friends.


    BSc Physiotherapy, Member APA, 1992 Curtin University WA

    Member Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Group + Physiotherapy Business Group




    Scott Beeston's rehab pilates and physio treatments at InBalance Physio and Pilates

    Scott Beeston


    Through his extensive experience at the LGH Scott has further developed a broad knowledge of musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory and neurological rehabilitation. He has an interest in the management of dizziness conditions, stroke rehabilitation, multiple sclerosis and falls prevention. As a keen basketballer, Scott understands the importance of prevention and management of injuries in his role of team Physio for the Launceston Tornadoes. Scott is accredited in rehabilitation pilates with Polestar International and is keen to share his knowledge of its application with others.


    B Physiotherapy, 2005 La Trobe University VIC




    Michelle Walkden combines Physiotherapy and spinal knowledge at InBalance Physio and Pilates Launceston Tasmania

    Michelle Walkden


    Michelle expertise is in management of pathology of the spine. She has worked closely with spinal surgeons at Tasman Spine and actively attends national and international conferences to develop her knowledge of latest research in spinal surgery. Michelle’s role at In-Balance is to use her acquired skills to help accurately assess and treat spinal conditions and she instructs our hydrotherapy classes. Outside of work, Michelle loves to teach salsa, bushwalking and spending time with her two boys.


    B App Sc Physiotherapy, 1993 Curtin University WA

    Member APA

    Running performance and physio by Lisa Barnett at InBalance Physio and Pilates Launceston

    Lisa Barnett


    Lisa has a wealth of experience in a range of health settings, specialising in overuse training injuries, rehabilitation, yoga, sports injuries and pilates. She believes management of injury first requires better body awareness. As a result, Lisa is an accredited Level 1 yoga teacher and rehabilitation pilates with Polestar International – complementing previous courses in dry needling, Assessment of bike setup, Mulligan, McKenzie and Sports Level 1. In her spare time Lisa is a formidable competitive runner and has an interest in diagnosing and treating injuries sustained through running. She has combined her passions in developing Pilates classes aimed at improving running performance.


    B Physiotherapy, 2007 University of Newcastle NSW




    linda morice treats Lymphoedema in Launceston, Tasmania using laser

    Linda Morice

    Occupational Therapist

    Linda has worked as an Occupational Therapist for many years and joined the In-Balance team after completing specialised training in the area of Lymphoedema with which she consults to us from time to time. Focussing on providing best practice management for Lymphoedema in all stages of the treatment continuum (assessment, early detection and ongoing management), Linda also has a particular interest in the use of low-level laser therapy for the treatment of Lymphoedema and other applications including scar management, physical rehabilitation and pain reduction. In her 'other life' outside of work, Linda and her family run a successful wine business.


    BAppSci (Occupational Therapy) University of Sydney 2003

    Member of Occupational Therapy Association Australia

    Member of Lymphoedema Association Australia

    Pilates at InBalance Physio and Pilates with Rachel Austin Launceston Tasmania

    Rachel Austin

    Pilates Instructor

    Maintaining equal enthusiasm for motivating people to move, keeping them moving and teaching Pilates, Rachel recognises that with all that moving, people also require some massage - which she also dabbles in. Involved in the fitness industry for the past 15 years, her qualifications - Certificates in Fitness and accreditation in Studio Pilates with Polestar- are being expanded as she completes a Bachelor in Health Science at UTAS. A keen swimmer since aged 4 and a qualified swimming teacher, Rachael's an energetic advocate of fitness and understands its role in improving quality of life.


    Bachelor Health Science - currently enrolled

    AusSwim qualified
    Certificate III Fitness
    Polestar Pilates Studio and Matwork 




    Rehab Pilates with InBalance Physio and Pilates Launceston with Emily Wallace

    Emily Wallace

    Pilates Instructor

    Emily discovered the benefits of Pilates through her dad who underwent back surgery in 2011 and was referred to In-Balance for his rehabilitation. His recovery involved a combination of physio treatments and Pilates which fascinated Emily as she realised Pilates isn't only a form of great exercise but can also be used as a tool for rehabilitation.


    To complement her undergraduate degree and extra qualifications in barre attack she's currently completing a diploma in Pilates through Polestar International. In her spare time she enjoys running, water skiing and spending time with friends and family.


    B Applied Science (Exercise + Sport Science), 2011 University of Sydney NSW





    previously at bodyfocus osteopathy now at InBalance Physio and Pilates Launceston Tasmania

    Madeleine Rose

    Pilates Instructor

    Madeleine certified with Canada's Stott Pilates in 1998.
    After requiring rehabilitation for an injury to her knee during dance class, Madeleine fell in love with the Pilates principles of precise movement, breathing, core conditioning, stabilisation and increased range of motion. She felt she had finally found a movement and rehabilitation therapy that worked with the whole anatomy and could be applied to any body.

    Her background includes studying and teaching dance, massage, piano and vocal training. Madeleine operated her own Pilates Studio and developed programs for competitive swimmers and competitive ice skaters/ice dancers in Canada and worked in numerous Physiotherapy clinics. As a recent import to Tasmania, Madeleine loves her beautiful life with her partner Pete, and their adorable Westie, Talisker. 




    Launceston Pilates and Yoga, Pilates Launceston, Yoga Launceston

    Trisha Dunn

    Pilates + Yoga Instructor

    Trisha Dunn comes from a background in contemporary dance, yoga and pilates teaching and was a core member for Tasdance for over 13 years. Her classes feed on diverse training over two decades and a love for breath, awareness and dynamic motion. Trisha is passionate about movement and its ability to improve both our physical and psychological well-being by developing strength, stamina, balance, flexibility, confidence, and awareness. As a mother of 4-year-old twins Trisha is acutely aware of the need for time to refocus and quieten the mind and loves facilitating that for her clients. With a recently completed Polestar pilates training in mat and small apparatus Trisha looks forward to sharing her knowledge through new yoga and pilates sessions.




    Remedial therapies at InBalance Physio and Pilates Launceston Tasmania

    Stephani Taylor

    Massage Therapist & Pilates Instructor

    With natural therapies threading through most of her life, Stephani has gained extensive experience in remedial therapies including Bowen Therapy, remedial and deep tissue massage. Most recently she has studied Neuro-structural Integration Technique (NST), an effective bodywork technique that relaxes muscles and fascia in a gentle manner. Stephani has completed her Certificate IV in Studio and Matwork Pilates Accreditation with Polestar International. Stephani enjoys teaching older adults to move well and improve their overall balance and agility. In her spare time Stephani is an active volunteer for her local fire service and her numerous pets keep her very busy.




    Remedial massage and therapuetic massage at InBalance Physio and Pilates Launceston Tasmania

    Jen Heggarty

    Massage Therapist

    Jen is our massage therapist performing Remedial and Relaxation massage. Jen is an active mother of 2 children who loves to get out walking, cycling, shooting hoops and travelling the globe. She also plays a key role in helping with the management of the Launceston Tornadoes women basketball team.



    She advocates the key benefits of remedial massage for stimulation to the blood supply allowing toxins in the muscles to be removed; calming of the peripheral nervous system to ease pain and discomfort; and toning and relaxing of muscles to improve joint mobility. 



    Shiatsu, cupping and massage therapy at InBalance Physio and Pilates Launceston Tasmania

    Liz Atkins

    Massage Therapist

    Liz is a Registered nurse and oncology massage therapist. She also practices Shiatsu massage and Modern Cupping. As a keen long distance kayaker Liz understands the benefits of massage after an endurance workout.


    Qualifications Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies

    Registered Practitioner for Oncology Massage

    Registered Nurse / Rehabilitation

    Qualified Instructor of Guigen Qigong

    Deep tissue massage with Sarah Underhill

    Sarah Underhill

    Massage Therapist

    Sarah believes in massage as it reduces stress, muscle tightness and pain while increasing circulation of blood and lymph fluid to detoxify the whole system - promoting health and a sense of well-being - plus regular massage can prevent illness. Sarah's committed to ongoing learning within the massage industry to maximise treatments offered to clients. Bushwalking, Pilates and agility training with her pooch, Peanuts, is her ideal fitness routine. Sarah is also undertaking studies in Naturopathy.

    Pam Claxton

    Lymphoedema Therapist L2

    Remedial Massage Therapist

    Member AAMT and ALA

    Pam is a Registered Nurse and massage therapist who believes that everybody has the right to feel totally connected and balanced at whatever stage of life you are at. Pam completed her Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2006 and has since studied Oncology massage and Lymphoedema Management including massage, education, use of laser and garment fitting. Pam's nursing experience means her clients can feel confident that she understands the complex medical issues that her clients may encounter during treatment and recovery from cancer and other chronic diseases. In her spare time, Pam enjoys gardening and growing food with her husband Robin in their glorious property on the Tamar River. She also loves to kayak, walk, do quilting and spend time with her grandchildren. 

    InBalance Physio and Pilates Launceston Tasmania help desk

    Anne McCafferty

    Practice Manager

    Anne ensures our practice runs smoothly and that all clients are treated with respect and confidentiality. Her extensive experience in working with physiotherapists ensures that she is well versed in communicating with clients about their expectations and the benefits of treatment. A skilled problem-solver, ask for Anne if you have any issues that need immediate attention. Or ask about her beloved hounds, Taj and Boof.

    Holistic healthcare at InBalance Physio and Pilates Launceston Tasmania

    Sharon Guinane


    With a background in the fitness and health industry and an interest in nutrition and nordic pole walking, Sharon understands the holistic approach to healthcare that our practice prides itself on. Combined with a passion for delivering outstanding customer service, Sharon goes the extra distance to ensure your In-Balance experience is exceptional - also assisting our physiotherapists with hydrotherapy classes. Sharon's Pilates fitness helps her balance when she's out on her trusty roadbike pedalling up and down the Tasmanian hills.


    Cert IV Allied Health Assistance
    Diploma of Fitness
    Graduate Certificate of Human Nutrition

    InBalance Physio and Pilates Launceston Tasmania

    Fletch Pretorius


    Fletch is a much valued member of our administration team who is currently studying Business Administration. She enjoys working within the healthcare industry and out of hours Fletch volunteers at her children’s school and at an aged care facility. She enjoys netball, water basketball, swimming and the odd Pilates class.


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    In-Balance Physiotherapy and Pilates adheres to the federal Privacy Act and has comprehensive policies to protect your health information.


    From 21 December 2001 health service providers covered by the federal Privacy Act needed to comply with ten National Privacy Principles that allow for individuals to exercise new rights and choices about how their personal and health information is handled in the private health sector. The Act also gives people these rights over personal information held by other private sector organisations.


    Health information 

    Health information is defined in both Federal and State Acts as information or opinion about a client regarding such things as wellbeing, disabilities, health services provided or to be provided, and personal information generally. This also includes details such as a person's name, address, account details, Medicare number and health service appointments.


    Privacy principles

    The Federal Act encompasses ten National Privacy Principles which govern the management of clients health information. The legislation promotes greater openness between health service providers and clients regarding the handling of health information. For example, the legislation gives clients a general right of access to their own client health records and requires health service providers to develop a privacy policy that sets out how they manage health information. To assist health service providers in the private sector to understand their new obligations the Office of the Privacy Commissioner has produced Guidelines on Privacy in the Private Health Sector and a Short Guide for the private health sector.



    In general a health service provider is required to:

    • collect only the information necessary to deliver the health service;
    • collect lawfully, fairly and not intrusively; and
    • obtain a persons consent to collect health information about them. This consent may be express or explicit.

    Our practice needs to ensure that consumers are informed about why their health information is being collected, who is collecting it, and how it will be used, to whom it may be given and that they can access it if they wish.

    Privacy legislation stipulates that a practice should only collect information that is necessary for the practice's functions or normal activities.


    The practice uses fair and lawful ways to collect health information and, where reasonable and practicable, collects health information directly from an individual.


    The practice takes reasonable steps to make a client understand why information is being collected and who else it might be given to.


    The practice is deemed to be collecting information when it gathers, acquires or obtains information from any source and by any means. Collection covers information kept by the practice even where the practice has not asked for the information or has come across it by accident.



    In general, the practice should obtain an individuals consent to collect health information. This consent may be implied or express/explicit.


    Implied consent refers to circumstances where it is reasonable for the health professional to infer that consent has been given by the client. For example, if a client presents to a physiotherapist and discloses health information which is written down by the physiotherapist during the consultation, this will generally be regarded as the client giving implied consent to the physiotherapist to collect health information for certain purposes. The extent of the purposes will usually be evident from the discussion between the physiotherapist and the client during the consultation.


    Express consent refers to consent that is clearly and unmistakably stated (either in writing, orally, or in another fashion where consent is clearly communicated).


    Consent to the collection and handling of health information and consent to treatment are two separate authorities provided by the client.


    During the course of your treatment we may request permission to take photographs of you. These are to assist your treatment planning, exercise prescription and to record progress. 


    Use and Disclosure

    Use of health information refers to the handling of client information within a practice. Disclosure refers to the transfer of information outside the practice.

    A health service provider may use or disclose health information:

    • for the main reason it was collected (the primary purpose); or
    • for directly-related secondary purposes, if the consumer would reasonably expect these; or
    • if the consumer gives consent to the proposed use or disclosure; or
    • if one of the other provisions under this principle applies.

    Directly-related secondary purposes may include:

    • Necessary information sharing for referral to another health provider
    • Billing or debt recovery
    • Reporting an adverse event to an insurer
    • Disclosure to a lawyer for the defence of legal proceedings
    • Quality assurance or clinical audit activities which seek to improve a clinical service.

    Other purposes for use or disclosure of health information

    The practice should only use and disclose health information for other than primary or directly related secondary purposes, if the client gives consent (express or implied) or if an exception applies. Exceptions include uses or disclosures required or authorised by law; uses or disclosures necessary to manage a threat to someone’s life, health or safety; and uses or disclosures for research provided certain conditions are met.


    Mandatory Reporting

    Health professionals in the practice must use or disclose health information if the law requires them to do so. For example, health professionals are required to report child abuse (under care and protection laws) and notify the diagnosis of certain communicable diseases (under public health laws).


    Legal proceedings

    If a health professional is served with a subpoena or other form of Court order requiring the production of documents to the Court they are generally required to supply the documents. If a health professional is concerned about how to proceed, they can seek advice from the Registrar of the Court or Tribunal which issued the order or from a lawyer.


    Training and education

    The use of health information for training and education will usually require the client’s consent. Where consent is sought, the individual should have a genuine choice and not be pressured to agree. If the practice uses de-identified health information for training, client consent is not required.


    Public health and safety research and statistics

    The practice may use or disclose health information without consent for research or statistics that are relevant to public health or safety. The health information may be used or disclosed only if:

    • the activities cannot be undertaken with de-identified data
    • seeking consent is impracticable
    • the activities are carried out in accordance with guidelines of the National Health and Medical Research Council
    • the practice reasonably believes the organisation to which the health information is disclosed will not further disclose it.

    Transfer of information to another health service provider

    If a client wants to transfer to a physiotherapist in another practice, they can authorise the disclosure of health information from the original practice to a new practice. A copy of the health information could be transferred in this way. For medico-legal reasons, our practice retains the original record and provides the new physiotherapist with a summary or a copy. If a summary of the client’s health record is provided to the new physiotherapist, a copy of the summary should be kept on file for record purposes.


    Our practice charges a reasonable fee to the practice or the client for transferring the client’s health record to another practice.


    Client health information that is transmitted electronically over a public network such as the internet can pose significant privacy risks. It is technically possible for a third party to intercept and read emails or for emails to be inadvertently sent to the wrong person. Practices should not transfer client information by email unless it is encrypted.


    If the original practice declines to transfer the health information, the client may seek access to the information, request a copy and then take it to the new practice.


    Use of health information for practice marketing purposes:


    The APA contends that advertising which seeks to inform the public on the scope and availability of physiotherapy services is appropriate. The APA supports the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) position that advertising offers a rich source of information which allows consumers to make informed decisions around their treatment choices and to compare physiotherapy services with a range of professions. Advertising that complies with the Trade Practices Act (1974)1 and provides consumers with choice should be encouraged amongst the profession.



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    Control your personal information

    You may choose to restrict the collection or use of your personal information in the following ways:


    Whenever you are asked to fill in a form on the website, look for the box that you can click to indicate that you do not want the information to be used by anybody for direct marketing purposes.


    If you have previously agreed to us using your personal information for direct marketing purposes, you may change your mind at any time by emailing us at inbalancephysio@bigpond.com.au


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