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    physio and hydro therapies at inbalance physio and pilates, launceston tasmania




    Exercise Physiologists (EP) are university qualified, allied health professionals. Rachel our EP has the knowledge, skills and competencies to design, deliver and evaluate safe and effective exercise interventions for people with acute, sub-acute or chronic medical conditions, injuries or disabilities.



    physio and hydro therapies at inbalance physio and pilates, launceston tasmania

    Find the best option for your level of fitness and mobility


    Whether you are recovering from an injury or suffering a chronic health problem, exercise therapy is one of the most consistently beneficial components of a good health management plan. Research validates the therapeutic effects of exercise which is specific for different circumstances and conditions. Rachel our Exercise Physiologist can help you with any or all of the following:


    - manage a chronic health condition or injury

    - improve your health, well being and fitness

    - improve your sporting performance

    - manage a range of performance services if you are an         elite sportsperson




    These classes are performed in a circuit, with different stations addressing different issues. Exercises selected aim to improve your mobility, cardiovascular endurance, strength, coordination and balance. Rachel's aim is to get you back to doing the things you used to enjoy prior to your health problems. When your joints are supported with good muscle control, participating in daily activities such as gardening, walking, squatting and hobbies are much easier and more enjoyable.



    Osteoporosis or brittle bones is a disease which affects over 1 million Australians. Demineralisation of the bones causes a reduction in bone density often leading to compression or loss of height, stooping posture and fractures. Fractures commonly occur in the spine, ribs, hips and wrists. Often fractures can occur with minimal trauma or force. There is also often poor balance associated with Osteoporosis which can further increase risk of fractures from falls. Osteoporosis can be easily diagnosed with a bone density test.

    Latest research shows that specific types and intensity of exercise can help prevent osteoporosis by encouraging bone building at a rate which is greater than bone loss. The content of an Osteoporosis exercise program need to include the following components which are appropriate for the level of fracture risk and frailty of the individual concerned:

    1. Impact loading eg. jumping, skipping, walking
    2. Progressive resistance training eg. lifting weights, Pilates reformer
    3. Balance training eg. uneven surfaces or on one leg

    Our classes help you safely exercise with this specific aim in mind. Before undertaking classes, you are required to undergo a thorough assessment in order to ascertain risk factors for osteoporotic fractures and baseline measures of things such as strength and balance. A personal program can then be determined with appropriate exercises and education. This includes exercises to avoid which may be harmful or not effective if you have osteoporosis. You will also receive instruction on some simple home based exercises.


    Courses run for 6 weeks after which you are reassessed to gauge your improvement. We can also inform other health practitioners of your status. Once you have completed the 6 week course you are then encouraged to either continue classes and/or a home based or gym program to further improve bone mass by continuing to gradually increasing weights and loads.


    If you suffer a chronic health problem which has contributed to the development of osteoporosis then you may qualify for an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) referral which may cover some of the costs of your program. You will need to talk to your GP about this.

    To book an appointment or secure your place in these classes please call us on 63344766.


    physio and hydro therapies at inbalance physio and pilates, launceston tasmania


    AS OF JAN 2019
    Every attempt is made to provide current and up to date information regarding our fees, however they are subject to change and we encourage clients to check with reception regarding treatment costs at time of booking.


    If you have multiple issues or a complex, long standing problem, it is advised to book a 45 or 60 minute Initial appointment.



    30 Minute $65.00

    45 Minute $86.00

    60 Minute $112.00




    Consists of an initial assessment and 6 classes



    $210.00 Consists of assessment before and after plus 6 classes


    If you have a chronic health issue, you may be eligible for an EPC referral to assist with the costs of your assessments. Speak to your GP about this.


    Our Exercise Physiologist Rachel is registered with private health funds and therefore a HICAPS rebate may be available- please ask at reception or check with your fund to confirm.




    Prior to your consultation date a text confirmation is sent to you. Please respond quickly to accept or a minimum 24 hours notice for cancellation. Otherwise a non attendance fee will be charged.


    The above prices are for payment made on the day the service has been provided. Services not paid for on the day are subject to a $5.00 account keeping fee.


    We have a convenient SMS reminder service for all appointments. Ask our receptionist if you would like to receive reminders.

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